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Fouka Bay
Tatweer Misr

Fouka bay is a coastal mosaic of 12 islands bordered with 7km of white sandy beaches in addition to magical crystal lagoons all around. Master-planned by the Italian architects Gianluca Peluffo and Partners for an outstanding tropical island experience.

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D Bay
Tatweer Misr

On a mission to reshape your vacations, D Bay takes waterfront homes to the next level with a masterplan designed by the Italian Gianluca Peluffo & Partners. Offering 200 acres of coastal land with a beachfront of 800 meters, and exceptional swimmable lagoons.

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Tatweer Misr

Salt is beyond a premium destination designed on varied elevations, spread on 294.5 acres and 850 meters of private beachfront. Featuring scenic pools, crystal-clear lagoons, and a world-class marina for your boats. In addition to a 5-star Bungalow hotel and serviced apartments.

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Hacienda West
Palm Hills

Hacienda West is one of the most unique boutique experiences in the North Coast. Known for its beauty and simplicity that reflects the actual luxury of a cozy setting, offering private lagoons and elevated homes with distinctive designs inspired by the Mediterranean architecture.

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Swan Lake
Hassan Allam

An inspirational blend of the Far-East and the serene Mediterranean is what makes SwanLake North Coast a unique masterpiece. In partnership with architects and interior designers, JZMK and Darnoama, villas and chalets are elegantly spread across 208 acres of beachfront.

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Silversands is an all-year-round luxurious destination with lively spirit of an international Mediterranean flavor. Stretching over 1 kilometer of beachfront and vast landscapes of greenery that are fringing villas, townhouses, twin houses, chalets and condos on 506 acres. 

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Katameya Coast

Katameya Coast is an elegant coastal resort with modern minimalist architecture built on 205 acres of varied elevations for uninterrupted panoramic sea-views. Featuring fully finished units stretched over 715 meters of beachfront, offering almost every type needed as a beach house.

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June is one of SODIC’s latest projects inspired by Miami with a modern artistic sense. A coastal beach town, offering a wide range of various neighborhoods to meet different needs and tastes. Featuring swimmable lagoons, horizon pools, and hotel serviced apartments.

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LVLS north coast mountain view

Mountain View

LVLS is a luxurious villa-only coastal community inspired by the Greek sleek style. It is elevated up to 40 meters above sea level, offering a mesmerizing panoramic sea view for all units. Types vary between beach houses, crown villas, townhouses, twin houses, and sea villas.

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Gaia north coast al ahly sabbour

Al Ahly Sabbour

As named, Gaia is a resort that aims to present a 280-acre living planet that offers all services for a complete life. It is inspired from the Arabian architecture and its authenticity, providing a wide range of types including villas, duplexes, chalets and Cabanas.                                                       

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Amwaj north coast - alahly sabbour developments

Al Ahly Sabbour

Amwaj is a one-stop summer destination offering all kinds of day and night entertainment activities that each family member would need from beach activities and infinite pools to night-life and restaurants. It is stretched over 1.5 kilometers of beachfront, featuring more than 40 pools and 4 vast lakes.

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The Waterway

The Waterway North Coast is a luxurious summer destination with an exclusive community, featuring tranquil water-features, tropical landscapes, and crystal lagoons. It is spread over 124 acres and 540 meters of rockless beach with zen-inspired architecture with its true essence of simplicity.

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Lavista Ras El Hekma North Coast

Lavista Ras El Hekma

1100 squared meter of beachfront fringing a modern architectural design of elegantly fully finished beach homes for Lavista’s elite community. Offering almost every service and amenity to make your vacation as luxurious as possible, from water features like pools, beach pools, and cascading waterfall, to a large commercial area.                            

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Marsa Baghush North Coast

Marsa Baghush
Shehab A. Mazhar

One of the most elite coastal compounds with an elegant distinct architecture designed by the famous architect Shehab A. Mazhar with a beachfront of 550 meters. It consists of 6 clusters, differentiated by the planted trees, with an elevation of 4 meters between each row. Ranging from one story villas to chalets fringed in trees like plums, lemons, vine, figs, and olives.

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Direction White

Direction White is an elite lifestyle with an inclusive environment that offers peace of mind for an ultimate summer vacation, providing different elevations reaching up to 50 meters above sea level.  Featuring a clubhouse with prime hospitality, a fully-fledged spa, underground parking, sports facilities, and an adults-only pool.                                        

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